The time to build has arrived as we excitedly introduce the Minecraft Build Batlle Challenge, brought to you be the Acer Nitro ASL. A whopping R5000 will be awarded to the winning school, which will immortalize itself as the Build Battle Champion. You can find out all the details that you need to know relating to the competition below, but if you have any further questions or queries please feel free to contact us at

Want to register? 

There is limited capacity for the Acer Nitro ASL Build Battle, as we are capped at 64 schools in our very first year. Only one registration per school is allowed, with up to 5 students per team. We would like to be as inclusive as possible to allow as many schools to register as possible. 

If you're ready to register, we require that you be an official representative/teacher/coach for your school.

Register: HERE or head to the landing page.

How does it work? 

The competition has been divided into two phases; 

  • 1) Phase One: Qualification
  • 2) Phase Two: Knock Outs

Phase One:

Phase one will take place from the 4th to the 28th of September. Each school will only participate once, on a select date (to be selected on the registration form). 

Once registration is complete, the ACGL team will be in contact to confirm your participation date. 

On the date of participation, up to four schools will be placed in their respective building sites. At the building site, you will see the topic chosen for your build. Your school will have up to two hours to strategically decide and roll out their build. In qualification, there will be no restrictions on building materials and resources. Once the time is up, the teams will be automatically removed from the server and the judging will begin. 

Only one team will progress through to the next stage of the competition, based on their build, and move into Phase 2. Details pertaining to the judging, tutorial of qualification and details surrounding how to get players into the lobby will be given to teams that complete registration and briefing. 

Phase Two: 

Phase two of the competition will continue in October (after the school break), where we will commence with the knock-out phase of the competition. The builds will become more difficult and the challenges more intense. For now, that's all the information we giving you. That said, the competition and grand finale are expected to finish by the end of October. 

Further on the ACER NITRO ASL

“Our dream of providing a well-managed league that is open to all schools is being realized before our eyes. As we add Minecraft Build Battle to the competition, a game that is more inclusive to all ages, we will see schools enhancing their esports programs to develop game-based learning outside of the classroom!” Glenn Du Toit – Acer Country Manager      

The event is hosted in partnership with ACER For Education and ACER Nitro who came onboard as an ASL sponsor earlier this year. The Final Split includes a host of competitive titles including Minecraft PvP, Rocket League, Fortnite, as well as many others. For more information on ACGL School Leagues see the website or email

“The Acer Nitro ASL has been a massive success this year, and we’re looking to build on that quite literally with our brand new annual competition in the Minecraft Build Battles. We’re excited to provide this opportunity to students around the country to flex their creative skills and spotlight their hidden talents.” Nicholas Holden – Co founder of ACGL. 

Acer Nitro ASL is South Africa’s largest inter-school Esports League with eighty-five registered schools, over six-hundred and thirty active students and R70, 000 over twenty leagues. The Acer Nitro ASL is students’ first step into the world of Esports and ladder into the AUL (ACGL University League).

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