The first inaugural ACGL SCHOOLS split took place over the course of the second term and concluded on the 19th of May. The schools faced a few Eskom-related obstacles but triumphed through good coordination and participation.  

The first split's tournament was localised in the Western Cape as the start of a wider rollout by ACGL. It was amazing to see the spirit, sportsmanship and skill of many of the students. The tournament hosted well known school powerhouses such as Paul Roos Gymnasium, and also gave many schools their first taste of competitive Esports. The tournament saw the first appearances of Herzlia, Rallim and Norman Henshilwood. 

Split one focused on Clash Royale and Rocket League in a 3v3 format.


Paul Roos Gymnasium (PRG) won the best of five Rocket League final in convincing fashion, but Norman Henshilwood are determined to pay them back in the upcoming split. 

According to Matthew “Floofs” Van Schoor (Gr. 12 Norman Henshilwood), PRG "are the best team I've played against in my 1000 hours playing this game. I look forward to playing against them again. GGWP."

Norman Henshilwood made a fantastic stand against the team that went undefeated this season. Rallim’s team, which is entirely made up of Grade 8 and 9 pupils came third with Herzlia coming fourth. Many of these youngsters have a bright future in Rocket League if they can cultivate their mechanics and focus on their communication, rotations and organisation. 


Paul Roos Gymnasium’s Jacus Nel (Gr. 12) placed first in the Clash Royale. Norman Henshilwood followed in second with Roland “AdmircalC” Barnier (Gr. 12). Westerford had a strong showing as well, taking the third and fourth spots. 

The tournament is opening up to schools nationwide for the third term split which will run from the 25th of July to the 4th of September. Time will tell if Paul Roos will be able to maintain their dominance in the Western Cape and against the rest of the country. If you would like to enter your school, please contact ACGL at

To hear more from the boys in maroon check out their post-game interviews here: 


If you missed the finals, check out the video on demand. 

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