Welcome back to esport!

Today marks the first day many students are back at school and the opening of registrations for NITRO ASL 2024, powered by Clear Access. There are some major changes heading to your favourite esport league.


We will be hosting ten different games in two different formats. These are leagues that have weekly matches and cups which will have two big tournaments per term.

The following games will be league titles:

The following games will be cup titles:

Sign up to these titles will be made available during the course of today with more information about each title on the tournament page.

Term 1 and 2 will have each have six weeks of play that will assist in seeding for the final tournament that is happening on July the 26th-28th. This final tournament will be a live event taking place in Cape Town.

The ASL site will be having an update on the 24th of January which will make the site unavailable in the morning.

The site will also be hosting more resources to assist schools in general.

We look forward to an amazing year of esports together. Good luck.

-Adam - "XDayaDX"

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