If you are looking for how to play leagues click here.
There is also a video guide. To watch please click here.

  1. Sign up for the cup you wish to take place in.
  2. Between an hour before the tournament starts you need to “check-in”. This just ensures you are present so that there are no empty games being played.
  3. The knockout bracket will then be released.
  4. Communicate with your opponent on the match page. If they do not communicate within 15 minutes they are forfeited.
  5. Continue playing matches until the tournament is completed.
  6. If there is any issue such as suspected cheating, unsportsmanlike behaviour or incorrect score entering please click the dispute button to summon an admin.
  7. If you need additional support please feel free to use the ASL Discord Support Ticket System.
  8. ACGL has a zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia and misogyny please note that any extreme unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in a forfeit and possible ban depending on the severity.


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