Welcome to week 2.

Term 2 of NITRO ASL, powered by Clear Acces, is underway!  This week sees the start of Fortnite and the second week of league games. Stakes are higher this term with players in several games playing for spots in the LAN Final, AGC1.

We hosted or assisted events at Milnerton Primary School, Herzlia High School and Paul Roos Gymnasium vs Paarl Boys. Photos will be coming out soon.

A large shout out to our broadcasters, admins, shoutcasters and of course players for the 9 streams coming out this week. With our usual streams we will also be streaming the Paul Roos Gimnasium vs Grey High School (PE) Fortnite and Rocket League games on the 24th of April after the regular broadcast (+/- 18:00).

All streams will be done on our Twitch channel with vods going up permenantly on our YouTube channel.

To follow all the results from week 1 please see each game in the events page.

We are hosting a giveaway for our  new Facebook group. We will be giving away a two free mousepads and two free deskmats every week over the course of a month. Please join and share the group to enter. Winners will be announced on Fridays with the first winners being chosen this week.

An announcement will be going out next week for all of our gaming teachers.

Good luck

-Adam "XDayaDX" 





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