Week 3 Approaches

Welcome to your Nitro ASL, powered by Clear Access, update for week 3! We are approaching the halfway mark. With ASL Junior in our folds we currently have over 1200 students participating in games. We are also getting ready to announce an amazing new feature coming to television around South Africa.

Cape Town schools there is a LAN opportunity with CURRO esports at CURRO Durbanville from the 14th-15th of June. The featured games are Overwatch 2, Rocket League, Minecraft (5v5 Capture the Flag, Edu) and Valorant. For more information and registration please see the event page.

ACGL is also announcing a teacher's gaming league which will rotate different games every 2nd week. This will serve as a way to bring teachers, admins and other esports aspects together. The games will be casual. An email will be going out to teacher's this Friday with more information.

We are hosting a giveaway for our  new Facebook group. We will be giving away a two free mousepads and two free deskmats every week over the course of a month. Please join and share the group to enter. Winners will be announced on Fridays with the first winners being chosen this week.

Here are pictures from the free-play event we hosted at Herzlia High School. This week we are heading to Paarl High School. 

Good luck for the rest of the week.

- Adam "XDayaDX"

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