Nitro ASL, powered by Clear Access, is cleared to start finishing off. All games are scheduled to finish by the 24th of June. Our esports show, Gameplay, will still continue to air on SuperSports Schools (channel 216 on DSTV). To catch last week's episode see here: 


Fortnite will be ending due to recent updates to the game impacting it's stability and competitiveness, as well as the difficulty in finding a time where all schools will be able to play - we have decided to end our Fortnite Leagues now, with no more weeks / matches to be played. 

Final leaderboards can be found here:

Fortnite Prem

Fortnite Open

Rocket League Prem

Rocket League Open



EAFC 24 (New Gen)

EAFC 24 (Old Gen)

Clash Royale Prem

Clash Royale Open

Overwatch 2 Prem

Overwatch 2 Open

Valorant Prem

Valorant Open

Chess Prem

Chess Open

League of Legends

All our energy for NITRO ASL is currently being funnelled into AGC where are finals for Fortnite, Rocket League, EAFC 24 and Clash Royale will be taking place. If you have not entered your team you can find more info here.

Finals for games not being at AGC will be held online in term 3. These will be one day tournaments with the top teams from each group. Final dates and match ups will be released on the 24th of June (deadline for final games).

Term 3 will be devoted to more in person events as well as the CURRO Online Esports League. As it is ASL "off-season" we will be hosting one day tournaments sparaodically during the term for practice. You will be able to sign up any week that suits your schedule.

Have a fantastic holiday everyone. See you at AGC~

-Adam "XDayaDX"


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