After weeks of preparation Term 1 is finally underway!

It's the moment we have all been waiting for. Welcome to NITRO ASL powered by Clear Access's first week of play.

Fortnite will be streaming this week Wednesday and Thursday at 16:15. Tune into our Twitch for the livestream with VODs going onto our YouTube.

Rocket League, Valorant and League of Legends will be streamed from next week, in that order from Tues - Wed at 17:00 after Fortnite.

The most important thing to remember as players is to communicate with your opponent during the Monday 18:00-18:30 slot.

This weekend's cups include EAFC and Clash Royale.

I would also like to introduce the head admins for the following games:

ACGL_Elkstir       Fortnite
ACGL_Darlingg   League of Legends
ACCL_Pezlee       Valorant
ACGL_Jade          Rocket League
ACGL_Sad            Chess

These will be the names you'll become very familiar with in either the ASL Discord or in game match chats.

The first workshop of the year will take place on the 22nd of February at 17:00 in the ACGL Discord (not the ASL one). This will be one dedicated to teachers and/or parents that are interested in learning the basics of all 10 games we currently play to be able to watch a stream and support your students/children. If you are interested in joining please send an email to to reserve a spot. More information and links will be sent through via email.

Good luck for the first games this week

- XDayaDX




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