Middle of the term and strong

Welcome to your midterm update. As the third week of NITRO ASL, powered by Clear Access comes to a close most schools understand the systems and are communicating. We will be rolling out some more tools of communication for teachers to opt into (that will be landing in their inboxes later today) with additional features being in the works to be added to the Discord.

A major change coming in term 2 is the separation of Primary School and High Schools in several games. Previously the primary schools did not have enough players and teams to have a separate league but with the huge influx in 2024 it makes logistical sense so teachers can communicate and to ensure the skill level is more consistent. We are excited for the change and know the primary schools will appreciate the tools to make it easier to organise with their opponents.

As we had several breaches of conduct last week I am going to take the opportunity to remind players our stances on various forms of unsportsmanlike behaviour. Any forms of bad manners or rude behaviour such as excessive emoting on a losing team will be met with a warning. After three warnings a team will forfeit their current match and may incur additional penalties dependent on the situation. Any forms for racism, homophobia or misogyny will be dealt with extremely severely with an immediate permanent suspension for the player and a forfeit for the team for their current match. We understand tensions will run high in matches but we remind you that you are representing your school. The ASL prides itself in being a safe place for students to participate in esports.

This months workshop will be on "The Benefits of esport" and "Esports in South Africa". It will take place in the first week of term with a date being confirmed in next week's article. Videos based on the previous workshops will be released soon.

Good luck for this week




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