Hello Fortnite Players!

It is highly recommended that your players be on ASL Discord for match information about Fortnite (https://discord.gg/End8EWET)

We will play two matches once a week for the next 6 weeks (starting next week). Please put your school initials in your Fortnite name so that our shoutcasters can correctly identify you on stream. Also please ensure your Fortnite name is the same under "Epic Account" on your ASL profile so that the system can automatically capture your score. Incorrect name = no score.

Open Division:

Please make sure your team has been signed up here (https://schools.acgl.gg/Fortnite/t/6246/participants). We will be using it as a leaderboard for the term. If you are not signed up here you won't be able to get an overall score.

You will need to sign up to a Tues, Wed or Thur slot once a week (depending on your personal schedule). New tournament pages will be created every Wed after the last game.

Tues: https://schools.acgl.gg/Fortnite/t/7212 

Wed: https://schools.acgl.gg/Fortnite/t/7214 

Thur: https://schools.acgl.gg/Fortnite/t/7213 

Congratulations to our Fortnite Premiere Division (https://schools.acgl.gg/Fortnite/t/7215/participants). The top 33 teams were chosen with one team per school. Your day hasn't been chosen yet. Please vote for the best time here: https://forms.gle/bNDXtWEXwrQNxSZt6 we will determine a day on Friday the 19th.

If you would like to play a practice game we have made a 1v1 tournament on Thursday at 16:00 just to show you how to sign up and get into lobbies. It will have no effect on your score. The tournament is here: https://schools.acgl.gg/Fortnite/t/7211

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