The ACGL SCHOOLS tournament has come to a smashing conclusion with the Rocket League Finals. The knockout tournament was one of the closest competitive matches we have seen in a long time, and saw the top four schools in the group stages compete for glory.  

Paul Roos Gymnasium’s A team appeared with a facelift under the new name “ISB Global PRG” after getting sponsored for maintaining amazing performances this year. Thomas More College - a school that Rocket League Caster Mike “Ulturism” Oerder teaches at - joined the fray this split and looked to make him proud.

Rallim placed third allowing ISB Global PRG to face off against TMC in the finals. TMC had just finished playing the PRG B team. The finals had some very tight play that was broken down and dissected live on stream by Ulturism and GrebeardRL. Prior to this game neither TMC nor ISB Global PRG had lost a single match in their respective groups for the term. The end result was a 4-1 win in favour of ISB Global PRG, making them the undisputed champion of ACGL SCHOOLS Rocket League after winning every competition this year. 

ISB Global PRG will be losing team captain Ian “Blade” Conradie as he matriculates this year. It will be interesting to see who will replace him in the new year, and look forward to seeing Blade’s career excel in ACGL UNI and other tournaments.

To watch the semi-finals and finals check out the VOD here


  • First: Paul Roos Gymnasium
  • Second: Thomas More College
  • Third: Rallim 

Full results can be viewed here

ACGL SCHOOLS has officially concluded its competitive year. Off-season games will be announced for the fourth term as ACGL SCHOOLS goes through an exciting new brand change. 2023 will also be introducing new titles such as Fortnite and CS:GO. 

Good luck for exams.

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