Close to the end.

We're on the final stretch of of NITRO ASL, powered by Clear Access. For four weeks Fortnite players have been building, Rocket League players have been driving and EAFC players have been kicking.

Information regarding ACG (the school finals) for most titles will be shared soon. For now keep in mind the dates the 24th - 25th of July.

A reminder that Primary Schools will be receieving their own league in term 2. Also to recieve team and player certificates you will need to have played at least 50% of your games.

On the eventing sides schools in Gauteng will be able to attend the CURRO LAN in Vanderbijlpark. If you are interested see the event page here. The games they will be hosting are Overwatch 2, Dota 2, Rocket League and Minecraft 5v5 (Capture the flag).



Last week the ACGL team headed to Potchefstroom to assist with the CURRO ESPORTS INDABA. Teachers were taught and attended various lessons on gaming, broadcast, how to set up LANs and many more topics. Check out the photos here.



This months workshop will be on "The Benefits of esport" and "Esports in South Africa". It will take place in the first week of term with a date still tbc.

We have also created a Facebook page to share information and articles. 

Good luck for this week



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