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Due to some issues affecting accounts on the ASL website after the update and a request from several schools, we are adding a week extension. Moving the sign up deadline to the 10th of February. We apologise sincerely for this inconvienence.

If you did not take a look last week we had a plethora of guides released on signing up your school and your account. Our guides this week will be about how to play your weekly matches and all the major rules you may need to know. All game specific rules can be found on the tournament page of all games.

How to play leagues (weekly matches)

How to play cups (tournaments twice a term)

We will be hosting an optional trial Fortnite solos so that your schools can understand the process. This will take place on Wednesday the 31st of January at 16:00. To sign up follow this link.

Several schools have indicated they have many Fortnite players. If sign ups exceed a lobby a second Fortnite day may be announced (Thursday 17:00). We will confirm this when entries close on Saturday the 10th of February.

Games for leagues will be streamed every week to both YouTube and Twitch. The schedule is as follows:



Rocket League           






League of Legends






Last week Paul Roos Gymnasium got ready for Term 1 with their esport trials. To see the pictures please see here and to see the video see here.

As always if you need any assistance do not hesitate to email or create a support ticket on the Discord.




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