More information will be on the specific tournament.


For Leagues (except Fortnite)

League of Legends, Rocket League, Chess, Valorant

Please message your opponents during the communication window between 18:00-18:15 on Mondays. If you cannot make the window please communicate availability before hand.

In-depth guide on leagues.



You have been seeded into two lobbies on three different days.

Tuesday A: 16:00 (Tuesday will begin a week later, 20th Feb)

Tuesday B: 16:00

Wednesday A: 16:00

Wednesday B: 16:00

Thursday A: 16:00

Thursday B: 16:00

Please check which tournament your team has been entered in. If you cannot make the day you have been assigned please contact us so we can move you to an appropriate day.

Please don't forget to "check-in" between 15:00-15:55 for whichever tournament you have been assigned.


For Cups

Clash Royale, EA FC, Street Fighter 6, Minecraft, Overwatch 6

Please check the dates for the games to be played. This will take place in a tournament style and happen on Saturdays from 14:00. You will need to "check-in" between 13:00-13:55


Clash Royale Cup 1: 17th Feb

Clash Royale Cup 2: 9th Mar

EA FC Cup 1: 17th Feb

EA FC Cup 2: 9th Mar

Overwatch Cup 1: 24th Feb

Overwatch Cup 2: 16th Mar

Street Fighter 6 Cup 1: 2nd Mar

Street Fighter 6 Cup 2: 23rd Mar

Minecraft Cup 1: 2nd Mar

Minecraft Cup 2: 23rd Mar

In-depth guide on cups.


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